Two questions about the application process to Excelsior.

  1. I've searched high and low for this answer and cannot seem to find it. Hopefully someone here will have an idea. This is a two-part question.

    I understand that I can apply at Excelsior and I will be able to submit transcripts and such for prior credit. In return Excelsior says:
    Your application will enable us to prepare an unofficial evaluation of your prior learning that indicates which of your prior credits are likely to transfer.
    So if I apply, will they tell me what credits I need? Or do I need to enroll first before they tell me?

    My second question is how long is an application good for? I've looked on the application itself and I do not see where it says that you must reapply after X amount of time, which I find very unusual. Most applications do expire after a certain time, but most applications aren't for distant learning either and so classrooms (etc.) are limited.

    I ask these two questions because IF I do this, I would prefer to avoid paying an additional $75 fee for admission again.

    My plan is to CLEP in what I can, take whatever exams Excelsior allows me to take without having to be an enrolled student, THEN enroll at the last possible moment. This will help me save a possible $450 which is nothing to sneeze at and the saving of an additional $75 for the admission fee is a nice thing too.

    Any help or direction is much appreciated!
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  3. by   Boston-RN
    I just went through this and have started the process. You send in your application and either request all the transcripts be sent to excelsior or request them to be sent to you and mail them in. After ALL the transcripts are received they will take 2-3 weeks to review them and let you know what credits are accepted and what you have left to take. The whole process takes approx 1-2 mths depending on how quickly the institution sends the transcripts in.

    If there is something you KNOW you will need to take (micro, A&P etc or even NC-1) you can take those after you apply while you're waiting for final word and then you aren't wasting any time.

    I don't think the application least not in any short time like a year or so with regular colleges....