True allergy to lidocaine

  1. I am looking for help. If anyone has any advice please send it to me. My daughter is allergic to lidocaine and novacaine. She does not have a toxic reaction which is what most people have. Infact unless an allergist told you you are allergic you probably aren't. Anyway, my daughter has been to two allergist and they don't know what to do or how to treat her. So she needs dental work and NOBODY will see her. I have called over 100 dentist and I have 3 other dentist calling around Texas trying to find someone that will see my daughter. If there is something out there that someone knows about please let me know. She is 15 and needs a root canal. Don't suggest Texas Childrens or Hermman hospitals both the dental departments said no because she is not a down syndrome child or a difficult case like that. Excuse me she is a difficult case! Her allergy is so rare that the allergist told us that some medical books state that almost NOBODY is allergic and the other allergist said that less than 2 percent of the worlds population is allergic. So, I know there is something that can help, I just don't know what. So I beg that if anyone can help please do. My daughter is in pain!
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  3. by   anticoagulationurse
    Probably not the perfect forum for your question. But... Would it be necessary to use a local anesthetic at all? Perhaps any other regular dentist/orthodontist around would be willing to "knock her out" for the root canal. I don't know, never had dental work, but I think they can put you under for tooth extractions? Why not a root canal? And if so, I don't think Lido or Novo is used in general or IV sedation.