Time for a Tablet PC?

  1. My husband has pushed and pushed me to get a laptop because of my online classes. I have been researching different ones and I am very interested in the tablet pcs. What do you think about these? Do anyone use these on a regular basis for online courses? I am trying to see the practicality of having one when I don't have "lectures" to take notes on. They are about the same price, some even less than traditional laptops. Also, does it make sense to own both a pocket pc and a tablet?
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  3. by   gauge14iv
    I think a laptop is a great idea - the tablet is pretty useless though.

    The technology looks cool at first glance - but it just isnt all its cracked up to be. You cant read the handwriting after you write it for one thing.

    The only reason anybody needs a tablet is when you need electronic sigs with a pen - IE to sign that they received something or to sign a loan application (most banks still don't take these sigs!)

    So unless you have that need - there is no need whatsoever for a tablet pc.

    You can't write as fast as you can type over time, and what you can write will only be marginally readable at best when you print it.

    If you HAVE to write - write on paper, scan it into a PDF file using a program like paperpoprt and store it on the pc that way. At least you can read it and reprint it if you have to.

    I use paperport to scan all my bills and mail, they get stored on the hardrive and a backup drive, and I shred the paper.
  4. by   gauge14iv
    Forgot to mention -

    the handwriting on a tablet looks like a drunk or a doctor wrote it!!!!