testing for excelsior

  1. I am very interested in Excelsior colleges LPN to RN program- thanks in part to all I have read here.

    But... I still have a few questions and would love some help. I found the www.2test.com website,nad the list of testing centers- how do I schedule a test??
    DO they give tests only on weekdays, or can you schedule on a weekend or evening?

    And how about the CPNE- I am in North Carolina- anyone know where I could take the CPNE?

    Thanks for any help you all can give me.

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  3. by   willtm
    Karen, in order to take a test you must pay Excelsior, which can be done on line, by calling or by mail. If you pay on line it takes about 48 hours for it to be processed, afterwards you can schedule your test. As for when they give tests, it varies by test center. If you want to know for sure before you start this program call prometric and ask about hours that your test center offers, they are very nice and will gladly answer your questions. The one I test at offers saturday hours one or two saturdays a month. I'm not sure about evenings. As for the CPNE, the closest test center to you is Atlanta, but New York isn't so far and has a shorter wait time, from what I understand.

    Hope this helps
  4. by   RN34TX
    One of my fellow CPNE testers was from NC but she took it with me in WI. You can call the individual testing cenetrs and find out waiting times before signing up. You also can join waiting lists for cancellations of people ahead of you and maybe get their spot.
  5. by   kam2662
    Thank you- that does help alot. Just want to be sure what I'm getting into before I sign up :>