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My wife is looking a getting her ASN. I have read plenty on the differences between TCN and EC, and you end up paying more for TCN but I have not seen anywhere how much more. So my question how much... Read More

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    Quote from critter1972
    i'm sorry if i offended anyone, but we are just giving our opinions. i've been on here tonight and on some threads i feel like i almost have to explain why i'm with the College works for me and for those i work's been very good. We find what works best for us.
    You did not offend me in any way. I just wanted the other point of view voiced and available for those sitting on the fence. When I was going through the program I also had to explain (defend myself) why I wasn't using study guides so that works two ways also. I'm glad TCN is working for you and you are happy with it. Best of luck to you. Getting my RN was the best thing I ever did for myself. I was an LPN for 23 years and didn't realize how much difference there truely was until I got my RN. Many opportunities have opened to me that would not have been possible as an LPN. I grauated from EC in 2000. When I started they were Regents and then changed to EC. I hear that now new students can look forward to two CPNE's. One was definately enough for me. NCLEX is an emotional piece of cake compared to CPNE. Good Luck!