Small Changes st EC... Did anyone else NOTICE?

  1. Okay, I have been looking at EC way before I was eligible to enroll, and I see a lot of drastic changes, but you know just a moment ago, I noticed some small things.

    I am talking about the fact that, EC has a newer ECE ENG101 College Writting, that now satisfies the writing req. It used to be ENG111 English composition, which still satisfies the req. The main difference is that the newer exam is worth 3 credits, and covers freshman english, the older one is worth 6 credits, and covers two semesters of english.

    I may not seem like much to some, but for others (who don't have elective out of the way, or so they think), it makes a big difference. This is so b/c before with the older ENG111, it would give you 3 A&S elective credits, and 1 extra credit from Anat and Micro. For a total of three elective credits leaving you to take, one more three credit cours/exam to fufill this requirement. Since this was so most people just ended up getting an AS b/c it made the most sense. But since now (if you take ENG101 which is $90 less expensive than ENG111), you will only have one credit down, it may make more sense for some to get the AAS, b/c they may already have the rest of their electives from different diciplines.

    It may not make sense to some, but it does to me.

    Just thought I'd mention it.
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