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  1. Is there anyone currently attending SJCoM? I'm just curious on what others think of the program. I just finished up my first class, NU501 Nursing Informatics. I took the whole 15 weeks just to get a feel for it, and found it was not difficult, it just took a lot of writing and research. I think the communication is great so far, my adviser sends regular follow up emails, and my instructor was awesome. She returned graded assignments within 3 or 4 days of submitting them, gave good feedback, and was easily accessible by email if you had any questions, always responding within 24-48 hours. My experience so far has been outstanding. For fellow classmates/alumni, what do you think of the program?
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  3. by   LsaraLy
    I am enrolled in the MSN admin program at SJCoM! I am very happy with it! I have taken online classes in undergrad at other schools that had poor communication, so I was pleased to find this. I have taken four classes. I usually finish them in about 5 weeks, but like you informatics took me the entire 15 weeks. This program is a cheap MSN all online option, which was exactly what I was looking for. My next class will be research. What MSN specialty are you in AdamRN?
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    Looking at the school for MSN, but the classes are 15 weeks?
  5. by   nursemaffett
    I was wondering how Saint Joseph's college for nurse practitioner was going. Anyone graduate or have any opinions? I am stuck between applying here and Herzing and was wanting some input. Thanks