RN/BSN middle Tn.

  1. Can anyone pls tell me which on-line RN/BSN in middle Tn. would be the most affordable?
    Is their a program that would except RN credits toward BSN? Also except Clep credits?
    Thank you

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  3. by   VACallCenterRN
    Hello!!! I live in Columbia also!!! Lol but lots of my classmates are doing their RN-BSN they university of Texas Arlington and said its a great program... I don't have the info for them as I have not research any schools as of yet. My focus right now is starting work as a new grad... Also I heard that Sentinel... As well as Western Governor's university are also good schools...
    As far as school in Mid TN... I hear MTSU has a program but someone told me that you'd still have clinicals which is beyond me... Good luck!!
  4. by   Cathy4836
    Hi anjib828,

    Thank you for the info, I'm a diploma RN & find that some programs will not give credit for the diploma nurse. Hope you find a good job.

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  5. by   VACallCenterRN
    I know that the one of the online RN to BSN that I listed does take diploma.... Can't remember which one.... Thank you!
  6. by   roseonye
    some online colleges do give i think as much as 30 credits to diploma nurses and more credits to ASN