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I passed A&P with an A! Man, that was a tough test! This was my first Excelsior exam so it was a big step. I figured it would show how hard I need to study and what materials work best, etc. I... Read More

  1. by   snguy
    Hi little miss redpatch. I came across your thread and found your advice and suggestions to be very helpful! Im highly considering taking the same exam you just did (A&P) to get 6 credit units.I also need to pass with at least a B. How much time did you put in to studying? Did you create a study plan? I heard that looking at Excelsior's content guide was helpful too. Id like to take the exam in the beginning of August or sooner and an deciding between taking a trad summer class or the exam.Thanks so much!
  2. by   soldiermed51
    Hey redpatch. What study material did you use for the A&P exam? How long did you study for?
  3. by   k3104
    Wow, very impressed
    The rest should be a breeze, LOL
  4. by   t-lo
    1st exam was a&p and you aced it!