Online statistics course?

  1. I need advice on an fairly inexpensive online Statistics course that doesn't require an orientation class. I am enrolled full-time at Jacksonville University in their online RN to BSN program. They have a partner school that I can take Statistics through, but they require a 1 semester hour orientation class before I can take it. I need to take it starting in January, not spend an entire semester taking an orientation class before I can even enroll in it. Any advice? Thank you so much.

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  3. by   EricJRN
    Will they accept the Excelsior College Examination in Statistics? You would get the recommended materials and study on your own, then take an exam.
  4. by   nrcnurse
    I took statistics online from St. Petersburg College in St. Pete, FL. It's a state school, so it's as inexpensive as you can get it. I didn't have to do an orientation. I just applied and paid the application fee.
  5. by   niceguyOH
    Lorain County Community College offers an online statistics class. The school is located in Elyria, OH.
  6. by   xohaileyyyx3
    Did those online stats courses require proctored exams or final?
    or was the entire thing online?