Online or Correspondence RN to BSN program that is Self-Paced

  1. Well, do ya'll know of any?

    I have a few reasons for not getitng my BSN from EC, but I may change my mind depending on responses.

    What I am looking for is an online or correspondence (snail mail, e-mail, ect) program, RN to BSN, that is structured some what like this:

    * Virtually or completely Online or Correspondence
    * RN license as only pre-req, and no transfer needed (most program I see of course require you to have your license, but still have core req's that they require you take, and others will award you a few credit for your license, but you would still have to transfer in or take other courses, in addition to the nursing course, I have seen only about two, that are what I want, but they are not online)
    * SELF-PACED is really important, b/c even though I will flex for the right program, I want something that I can finish when I want to. Most programs out there say that it could take a year to two years to complete, but I want something that I can complete as fast as I want to depending on MY effort.

    I guess that is it. I am willing to be flexible on the above for the right program, so what have ya'll got for me.

    Also, I may need to explain, I am searching for this now, b/c I plan on applying as soon as I graduate from EC. But while I am in EC if there are a few extra courses I may have to take I'd like to get stated on them now for two reasons.

    1. So I can cut down on the work I will have to so, and to give me a head start.
    2. And because the school will most likely be a Title IV school, so I'll use some of that financial aid money to help out on the EC side.

    Thank you all in advance for your responses.
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  3. by   FocusRN

    I think I may be able to work with TESC, I just applied. Off to do my FAFSA.
  4. by   flowjoe64
    Curious if you started with TESC> I am in the same mode, but am put off by the 300.00 "credential review" fee. what the heck is that??! I mean you can verify my license online for takes like a second. PLUS, not sure if I want to go with them or not...I have applied at 3 colleges, and will decide based on several factors, many transfer credits they accept.

    Any insight on this place...and how to handle such a fee, and non-refundable at that.

  5. by   FocusRN
    Actually, I haven't even completed my ASN yet, I just applied at TESC to do some of the courses that I needed for EC, BUT I have since made other plans.

    I can tell you that after complete my ASN, I am really looking into Western Governor's new RN to BSN program. They are very affordable, and self paced. You may want to check them out.