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hi all, last jan. 22nd, i received an email or e-brochure indicating that the lvn to bsn through college network & indiana state university through a partnership with sonoma state univ in... Read More

  1. by   swtxtc03
    I met with a sales rep last week and I ended up signing up this week. The sales rep was really nice. I didn't feel any pressure at all. I did my research since they're fairly new here in California. I feel like it's the best way for me since I work as a full-time LVN and as part-time LVN in another place. And besides, I'm not much of a classroom type of student. The sales rep said that they credit the classes I've taken from the local community college but not the ones that I took from my LVN school.
  2. by   unseen
    well i just looked a little deeper and you dont need college network or rue at all. actually you can save tons by doing it directly through excelsior and buy used books on ebay and

    actually going to excelsiors wedsite they warn you against for profit business deals that are not affiliated with them.

    you might take a second glance....get out before your 3 days and go it alone.

    a word of caution
    for your benefit, a few words regarding test preparation vendors claiming a relationship with excelsior college.

    that is directly from the excelsior college.

    here is excelsiors link if you are interested in researching further

    once again you may want to go through more threads in all nurses..... i find more cons then pros

    just becareful and watch out for the pit falls.

  3. by   NurseEllis
    If you guys search on here for RUE and TCN you will see THEY ARE ONLY PUBLISHING COMPIANIES. and you do NOT, REPEAT DO NOT need them to pass any of excelsior course. And in my humble opinion you should not use them. There is a hugh amount of resources out there. GO DIRECTLY to EC for information and use your internet skills to ferret the other information out. There is a ton of threads on here about, not buying anything from rip offs like RUE and TCN, as you can buy the info right off ebay for like 1/4 of the cost it would if you were to sign the contract. MOST people dont use TCN and RUE, we do it all on our own and pass just fine.

    see this thread:

    that thread explains how mosst of use study and pass the EC exams!!

    Oh and for the person who signed up in CA thru TCN!!! The CA BoN is going to req. you to do a "externship" before you can sit for the NCLEX and for those Medics out there in EC you cant sit for the NCLEX at all in CA!!!!!

    see this post:
  4. by   swtxtc03
    I am aware of the externship. It was explained to me before I signed up. BoN requires a certain amount of clinical hours so any school you go to here in California has an externship/clinical of some sort.

    Part of why I signed up is the customer support and guarantees that TCN offers. I just don't have the time to be resourceful enough and go about it on my own. And I'm lucky enough in a way that I don't have to worry about the financial obligations (thanks to mom and dad)
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  5. by   NurseEllis

    Im very interested, Im sure that TCN dosent set up the externship, and well EC wont do it either and with how crappy EC is accepted in CA, Im sure there is a bad stigma in the nursing schools as related to EC. Where/how are you going to get the externship. From what I hear most nursing schools cant even keep up with there own clinicals for registered students???
  6. by   unseen
    Once again ..... you should go look up EC website. The supports that college network offer are the supports that EC offer. An advisor and several other supports...... Like buying used text from previous students and to many others to mention. Really take the time to go look at EC website. They also offer at additional cost some telelink classes related to what your studies are and a number of other things.

    YOU might really want to go explore them before you waste your parents money. A lil effort would save them a great deal of money
  7. by   swtxtc03
    MedicEllis, Sonoma State/Indiana State is overseeing the externship placement and they have preceptors all over my area. I even looked into doing it in my workplace. As long as I'm not getting paid the same time that I'm doing my clinicals, it can be arranged.

    Unseen_fussell, are you aware that Excelsior doesn't have an LVN to BSN program here in California? I emailed and they got back to me saying that they don't have one. I also checked the CA BoN site: I am aware that Excelsior is accepted in other states. Just not in CA.

    As you can see, Excelsior isn't listed there. And I will say this again, this route isn't for everybody. I thought over it w/ my parents and they were more than supportive. They actually encouraged me to sign up for it. Just because I thought it's the right decision for me doesn't mean I think everybody should sign up for it.
  8. by   maleRN2b_one
    Just wondering...Is there a straight online BSN program where you arrange your clinicals in the same way you do with the LVN to BSN program at Indiana State Univ?

    I hope Indiana State would create such a program pretty much like their Online LVN to BSN now, only you don't have to be an LVN first.

    I don't mind more course prereqs as long as they could be done either online, through challenge exams like Customized Study Modules (CSM) from College Network or clinicals arranged locally if the course has clinical component.

    Thanks for any comments you may have.