Online LPN to RN bridge program?

  1. My husband is in the military and we are being moved to Ft. Stewart, GA in the fall. I did the LPN program in Central Florida a couple of years ago, and I am ready to bridge! Anyone have suggestions and opinions about doing an online LPN to RN bridge program? I would love to attend school in person, but can not find a program within an hour of the base. I would think that if I did an online program that it would be better to choose a school that does have a physical campus, for resume purposes. Also, if anyone knows of any schools that offer some kind of in person clinicals. Thanks!
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    There are two campus-based programs, but both are LPN-BSN. First is at Armstrong Atlantic in Savannah: Advanced Track (LPN to BSN) - Nursing Armstrong Atlantic Savannah Georgia. Second is at GSU in Statesboro: Licensed Practical Nurse | Nursing | Georgia Southern University

    Statesboro is about an hour from Ft. Stewart, and Armstrong's campus (Savannah, southside) is about 45 minutes from Ft. Stewart. Do you know if you're going to be living on post? That can make a difference in distance, too.
  4. by   happyhaynes
    I am not sure if we will be on post or in Richmond Hill. I was hoping to find something that was just LPN to RN. With finishing what ever classes I would need to finish BSN and then doing the actual course, I want to be sure we will be stationed there long enough!
  5. by   Pixie.RN
    If you end up in Richmond Hill, you'll be about 20 minutes from campus, depending on where in Richmond Hill you live. If you have kids, you'll probably want to live in RH -- better school system, from what I hear.

    There is always Excelsior College (Associates Degrees Nursing | Nursing Degrees, Programs | Distance - which is distance learning with an in-person clinical exam at the end, but whether that is a good fit for you will depend on where you are licensed as an LPN, and where you might want to work as an RN in the future due to acceptance of EC grads for licensure (State Board Requirements - I know it's tough for military to know where we'll be living at any given time! LOL. But the plus is that you can work in any government/federal facility as an EC grad as well.

    As you can see, there would be complications with EC ... maybe Armstrong would work for you!