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I started researching various RN to BSN options while I was going through my associate program to reach the NCLEX-RN. My research included two local universities and several online options. My goal... Read More

  1. by   NICUMurse87
    Quote from pmabraham
    How many posts about happy WGU students talk about how hard it is to complete their BSN in six months? Or are they sharing how economical it is to get degree with ease within the six-month period?

    Personally, I graduated at the very top of my class achieving highest honors; so easy for me isn't necessarily easy for others. That's why I gave the range of completing three classes in three months (which happens to be the more common) compared to my completing five classes in three months (doable, but less common).

    Now, I've had conversations with my coworkers who are getting their BSN from various venues both locally, blended, and completely online. It's interesting that EVERYONE SINGLE ONE OF THEM talk about how easy the classes are for them to take with the only complaint being that few like APA. To come down on someone who writes their school is easy as if that's a bad thing isn't reality in terms of the scores of coworkers I work with who have yet to talk about their BSN program being hard, not doable, intense, etc.

    As I shared, everyone has their points as to why they pick one program vs. another. For me, I didn't go to Capella for easy or hard, I went because I wanted a 100% online program that was online that could be done anywhere in the world at my own pace. That was the selling point for me with the ability to complete in one year. The secondary point was the ability to control the price point by how much I applied myself (go at one's own pace).

    Thank you.
    Those are good, salient points and had you articulated then better in the initial post, I feel as though you wouldn't have had the negative response that you did. In an industry where many people worked their rears off to get through school, hearing that another school is super easy can lead to either jealousy of how easy someone else had it or distrust of the competency of that nurse. I think those reasons also contribute to the initial vitriol you received.
  2. by   Aniras86
    @ NICUMurse87, BSN

    I'm in Capella University's MSN Flexpath Nurse Educator program. Having attended Ohio University for my BSN with their accelerated 5 week courses, this program is equally intense. It's easy because it readily fits in any schedule as it is flexible. The university provides access to thousands of online journals and gives you access to pricey books inside your course accesses, so that's easy. It saves me time and money as I don't have to rent or buy material.

    The courses are well laid out, easy to follow but still require extensive work. For example, as a nurse pursuing a career in nursing education, I am tasked with identifying the many variables to teaching adults at the college level, understanding cultural diversity and developing a teaching plan. Another course required me to evaluate sets of data that I collected from my workplace and identify needs, develop a quality improvement initiatives with considerations for collaboration between different departments at the hospital.

    In a way, I feel that Capella's program directly prepares me for the career I have chosen to pursue. I hope this clarifies for you what the program is about. I do believe they offer a sample course should you feel like checking it out.

    I have several things I looked for in a school: cost, actual applicability of the material towards a career I want, and flexibility to fit in my schedule. At first, I thought Capella's program was too good to be true, but I have yet to be disappointed.

    That being said, I put about 14-20 hours a week towards my coursework. I am currently on #7 of the 13 courses in my MSN Flexpath program. Good luck with whatever you choose to do.

    Jessica M. BSN, RN
  3. by   robinatkins
    Hello Everyone,

    Perhaps there are a few issues with the semantics in the current discussion about online programs. I work FT as an oncology nurse in a busy outpatient treatment center. I'm 53 years old and haven't been in school since college in 1985. "Easy" for me means the program fits into my life schedule, versus the other way around. I am in my fourth course for the BSN FlexPath program at Capella University, and am going on my second year in this program. I'm less interested in saving money and most interested in learning, and I feel the course material and expected research efforts challenge me to do just that. As with any form of education, you get out of it what you put into it. Because of the intensive research required to write solid papers I am a more informed nurse, not just about nursing topics but about world topics. The online library is expansive, and as one person already commented, the learner support programs built into the program and into the software are amazing. Capella's nursing programs are fully accredited by the CCNE--Center for Collegiate Nursing Education.

    Here is the entry for Capella's nursing programs on the CCNE website for reference as well.

    Capella University

    Nursing Department
    225 South 6th Street, 9th Floor
    Minneapolis, MN
    Link to Website

    Chief Nurse Administrator: Christy P. Davidson, DNP, RNC
    Title: Associate Dean, School of Nursing and Health Sciences
    Fax: 612-977-5060

    Initial Accreditation Date:
    Most Recent Accreditation Date:
    Accreditation Term Expires:
    Last On-Site Evaluation:
    Next On-Site Evaluation:
    April 4, 2011
    April 18, 2016
    December 31, 2026
    April 2016
    Spring 2026

    April 4, 2011
    April 18, 2016
    December 31, 2026
    April 2016
    Spring 2026

    Doctor of Nursing Practice
    April 11, 2012
    April 18, 2016
    December 31, 2026
    April 2016
    Spring 2026

    I'd be remiss if I didn't include a very personal reason this program appeals to me (by no means a deal breaker, but still extremely satisfying) is that I do not have to depend on a group or other individuals to do their part in completing a progect--I get to work alone. It's just me and the material. The tutors and faculty persons are helpful and available. Again, if you do not use the resources provided, including the human resources, you are missing important opportunities to receive feedback and direction.
  4. by   pmabraham
    The second semester is almost over, and another five classes completed due to a lot of pushing and effort. I'm now in the last class, the capstone class. To date, I've enjoyed the Capella Flexpath experience.
  5. by   shabish
    Quote from pmabraham
    The second semester is almost over, and another five classes completed due to a lot of pushing and effort. I'm now in the last class, the capstone class. To date, I've enjoyed the Capella Flexpath experience.
    I enjoyed hearing about your experience at Capella. I am strongly considering it. I don't see anything online about a payment plan. Were you able to pay a portion each week or did you just have the entire $2500 to pay each 12 week period?
  6. by   pmabraham
    I paid a portion every 4 weeks during the 12-week period.