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  1. Hi every1, first time here... Has any one completed college network program? Any advice, tips.. Can you switch to online after you sign and pay for it ??
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  3. by   Tweety
    Nice to meet you. I know people on the distance forum have used College Network. I hope you get some answers.

    My spouse used College Network to get his Masters and it was online from the start.
  4. by   Mudwoman
    College Network is only a study material (book publisher) that sells you expensive study material for online degree programs. College Network does not have a degree program. You have to enroll in colleges like Excelsior. Their pitch is misleading and there is a class action suit pending from the state of Arkansas because of their misleading tactics.

    Also, do NOT give them copies of your transcripts or permission to get your transcripts. Otherwise, you will get 3 more study guides that you did not order and will owe for them. I had already CLEP'd Micro, A&P, and took Life Dev thru Excelsior. Had proof. They sent me the study guides anyway and I sent them back with proof that I already had those credits. They have yet to credit back the charge. I'm still fighting them after 3 years.