Nursing School Resources Online

  1. Does anyone know of any resources, that nursing schools may have online such as lectures, assignments, worksheets, ect?

    I ask because one of the more challenging parts about being an EC student is that you are a class of one and are self directed. Don't get me wrong, for this lag of the race that is the way I like it (meaning there is no need to post about why EC is not a good idea, that is not what this thread is about, and besides that I really don't want to hear it). Anyway, besides studying the EC guide or a guide from one of the publishing companies I really have nothing else to do. I guess I could, but it is kind of hard to create an actual lesson plan for yourself. I WANT some "homework" so to speak. And on top of that just as any other nursing student, online resources from other programs are ALWAYS useful.

    So does anyone have any?

    If so,do any of the mods care to make this a sticky?
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