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  1. Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum and I must first start off by saying.. WOW!! This site is awesome!

    I'm not currently enrolled in a nursing program, but I'm taking some pre-req's for nursing.. Human Growth (Lifespan), Pyschology, Sociology, A&P 1, and Algebra...all DL except Algebra... I've been trying to figure out how the different distance learning colleges work... I know that with Excelsior you have to have practical nursing experience, which I don't have... But I'm still curious how the process works... Is it all exams, or is it courses?

    What are my other options? I've been looking at Deaconess and I'm wondering if it's really a completely DL degree?! That boggles my mind! With my husband being in the Air Force, and we're to be moving soon a DL nursing program is like a dream come true but I don't want to jump in without some facts first... I also don't understand how it could be completely DL.. How do clinicals work? Ect...

    Thanks again! I appreciate any and all help..
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  3. by   over30nursestudent
    If you attend Deaconess you will be required to fly to St. Louis at the end of each semester for skills validation this takes about 3days, also in order to do your clinicals you need to find an appropiate facility in your area that would be open to host you. The College has a clinical liasion that sets up the contract between the college and facility. If your dh is in the military, you may be able to do your clinicals at the hospital on the base. Someone who attends Deaconess mentioned that is what she does. Not all states accept Deaconess so be sure to check with the State's Board of Nursing where ever you move to. I am starting Deaconess in Jan. Good Luck, Colleen