1. I was wondering if anyone has attended SNHU's online MSN program? It sounds great and offers classes in advanced health assessment, patho, and pharmacology. I would like to complete a good general MSN now with the option to return to obtain my post-MSN certificate NP later.

    Any students of SNHU care to share your experience?

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    Following. Also interested in any experience others would like to share. Thank you!!
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    Following as well. I did my BSN there and had a very good experience. I think I might be starting in Sept. Are you looking into federal loans? Did the FAFSA seeing what I get..
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    Hi there:
    I am currently enrolled in the SNHU BSN program. So far, I love it. I am taking NUR350 this next term and wonder how you completed the practical portion of community nursing? Did you have to make outside arrangements for clinical sites?
    Thank you in advance.