Most Flexible MSN?

  1. Hello all,

    I'm looking for the most flexible part-time MSN program online. Ideally, it would offer the PMHNP specialization, but I'm open to anything with a part time practicum option. I'm willing to do a post masters PMHNP certificate afterwards (having then taken advanced pathophysiology, health assessment, and pharmacology).

    Aspen seemed to be a great choice until I learned that 180 hrs must be completed within 8 weeks. This is nearly impossible while working full-time. I'm still looking into American Sentinel University. I hold a BSN, my GPA is 3.75, I've taken Stats, and I have over 10 years of experience as a CNOR in a trauma/burn center (I'm sick to death of OR, eventhough I'm a supervisor at a surgery center atm). Is something like this too good to be true ? (Regis is out. Its too expensive and requires too many credits that just repeat BSN topics)

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   JMDCNOR
    EKU seemed promising, but 2 courses at a time are required in some sessions.
  4. by   bryanleo9
    I looked into Aspen but the lack of regional accreditation was a deal breaker. I am planning to go to Western Governor's University for MSN. Then maybe doing a post Masters NP cert. WGU is very flexible...go as fast as you want or do the minimum. It's competency based and you pay in 6 month blocks. Tuition is great and it has regionally accreditation and well as the needed nursing accreditation.