Money for UOP

  1. I am looking to get my BSN and have looked at the UOP but man I cant afford it :angryfire . How is everyone who is going to UOP affording it? The last time I was in contact with UOP it was like $500 a credit hour. So I decided to go to FHSU, which at $115 a credit hour is more affordable for me. Can someone tell me where I can get some money so I can go to UOP also I would love a 5 week class. Thanks in advance.

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  3. by   manna
    A friend and coworker of mine is going to UOP (although not for a healthcare related degree) and is receiving federal fin aid - grants and loans.
  4. by   Cqc_Cqb
    Thanks Manna

    I guess I just dont want to owe back a loan of that size 20k. I dont think I would qualify for a grant I make over 60k a year and dont have any dependents. Maybe I should stop working and go on welfare then I would be eligilble for tons of money. I am just kidding.
  5. by   manna
    Seems like there are alot of BSN completion scholarships out there. Have you searched online? Does your employer not offer tuition reimbursement for degree advancement?
  6. by   vwgirl
    My job gives my5K a year for classes; my parents pay for my books. I take 2-3 weeks off between each class, both for my sanity and to stretch the money out, and I don't take any classes over the summer when my kids are out of school, and thus it would be impossible! But you are right, UOP is not cheap!
  7. by   traumaRUs
    I go to UofP - I get $3500/year from the hospital where I work and have loans for the rest - works for me! Good luck...