MARCH 2007 Chamberlain waiters?

  1. I cannot even focus on my daily tasks due to the fact, I want this so bad!! I applied to CCN for March 2007, I just wanted to see who else applied? Reply and we can pray together!!LOL
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  3. by   destinedReeN
    Did anyone apply to Chamberlain/Deaconess for the online program starting in March? Many have read, and yet I get no response.........................Please someone share with me!!:spin:
  4. by   sacrdhazel
    Hiiiiii... I am in application state for March 07. I have transfer credits so I am hoping they will take all of them. We will see... we can pray together. lol

    I am supposed to be going to an onsite campus school in my neighborhood, but was told they may not have seats now for me. grrrrrrr So now waiting on CCN. I'm so nervous. lol
  5. by   hellonursejenn
    hi, i am waiting for the march classes to begin also! ....i tried in a hurry to get into the october classes but one of my transfer colleges did not send my transcript in time :angryfire, i was told march '07...i am excited but soooooooo nervous too! good luck to all participants, i am game for study help if you guys are!
  6. by   lindseylou345
    I was wondering if any of you had heard back yet? I got in for March and would like to talk with others who are starting soon.
  7. by   hearts6
    I am in the process now of applying to the online rn to bsn at chamberlain...but have not quite decided on the school. They are obtaining my transcripts. We'll see what they say. Initially they say I only need 12 more classes, and I maybe able to test out of / or provide work experience for one of those. All other schools want 16+ more classes and no testing I said we'll see!
  8. by   Robin.RN
    how long is the program for online lpn-asn if u start in march, 07 when will u graduate. just curious i'm trying to find the quickest route.
  9. by   mcoffman9
    Hi, I applied for march 2007 also and I was wondering if anyone lived in Indiana. Was also wondering if anyone new how hard the prerequesites would be doing all online. I have most but not all. And does anyone no anyone else who has done this program so we would no what to expect and how hard it would be. And how long you had to wait for acceptance letter....Thanks, Shelly