LPN to RN/BSN online program??

  1. Some people I work with are looking into doing the LPN to RN bridge program online.

    Has anyone done this? And if so, with any success, what company did you go with and what is the difficulty level vs. typical classroom education?

    I'm interested in getting my RN asap (or BSN), but am in somewhat of a volatile relationship and stuck in Mississippi (bleck) and don't know how much longer I'll be here. I'd hate to get into the bridge program at the local college in MS, then have to leave, and the online idea sounds scary, but promising since you can essentially move wherever and the school comes with you....

    Any ideas?
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Mostof the bridge programs are for the ADN first, and then you can go on for the BSN. Make sure that you select a program that is accepted all over if you are planning to move.

    Not all of them are.

    Moving this thread to the Distance Learning Foru, where you will be able to get more responses. Best of luck to you.