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  1. I am looking for information on JU. I read through the 24 pages of online RN-BSN sticky but did not find anything on JU. Does anyone have any first hand experience with Jacksonville University? Would they recommend or run?

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  3. by   NursePamela
    Sorry, did some more digging. Found some good positive posts - yeah! If anyone has anything to add please feel free.
  4. by   banjorn
    Hi! I'm a current JU RN-BSN student. There are 10 core nursing courses, each lasting 8 weeks. I have all but 2 to go, and am working on all my general ed courses that I need for the Bachelor side fo the degree. I think it's a great program, very user friendly being 100% online, quizzes, tests, paper submitions, etc. It's not a cake walk though, each class has had a major term paper due. I dreaded writing papers before I started the program, so I hear you if you're like me, but I've have found its not really so bad and does add to your professional development, plus, most BSN courses have a fair share of papers required as well! We all gotta pay our sues right? :wink2:

    Anyway, If I had all the GE's completed I could be finished by now, but I've only really taken 1-2 nursing courses each session because of family (wife, 2 kids, 1 on the way), and work (3 12's) situation. I think if you took 2 courses every 8 weeks and have your GE's you could probably have your BSN in 12-18 months? Otherwise I think it would be a great choice. To be fair, I didn't really compare RN-BSN programs beside U of Phoenix. I have a nursing buddy who started Pheonix about the same time, they had some online and a classroom portion once a week. JU was a better fit for me because of online and cost, plus I plan on someday looking at CRNA school and I'm not sure what U of Pheonix would look like on an application? I may be off there but I don't know. Hope this helps!

    BTW, I've been able to knock out the required GE courses through my local comm colleges (with JU advisor approval), that's $25 a unit compared to $300-400!

  5. by   davis18232
    OMG!! Thanks for the valuable information...I myself want to pursue my education in CRNA and trying to find an online university that meets all my needs was difficult. I discovered JU and feel like I found my match. After reading your post I feel that this is confirmation that this is the school for me...THX
  6. by   banjorn
    No prob! Hope all goes well! I can't wait to be done...Good luck! Let me know if you have any other ?'s

  7. by   davis18232
    Are there courses that you would suggested be tooken alone..I have the same situation as yourself husband,kids, and work..I don't want to overwhelm myself. Also, although its not required have you tooken organic or biochem or plan on taken it.
  8. by   banjorn
    Hi! I take it you're referring to the non-nursing courses to be taken alone. All of those (GE classes) I'm taking through my local community colleges OR I'll try and CLEP out of a couple as well. As far as Chem goes, I do need to retake it, which is a total bummer, but I may take a higher CHEM course like OCHEM or something like that. I've heard that having a higher CHEM course may look good for you when applying for CRNA but who knows??? The advisors at JU will look at your transcripts and tell you what you need to take and what classes will satisfy the requirement.

  9. by   Elbajista
    I spoke to an UJ advisor the other day who informed me that ALL of the classes are available online, even classes with labs such as chemistry. Is this true? He said that the lab portion of the class consists of at-home experiment and such, with worksheet that must be turned in every week.

    Also, Does anyone have an idea of total cost of the program, including books, fees, etc.?
  10. by   banjorn
    It's true, you can take all the classes (GE's) online through University Alliance.The question do you want to pay $300-400 per unit or $15-20 through a local college? I've been taking all my GE's through my local community college (make sure the classes transfer to JU). I was tempted to go through UA, but when I can take the same course for $20 per unit compared to $300, it a nobrainer for me. I HAVE to pay big bucks for the BSN nursing courses, but I need to cut costs where I can for my family's sake. :wink2:
  11. by   Elbajista
    True, price is definitely a consideration. For my situation the GE classes at JU might be a better option despite the extreme cost, due to the flexibility. I don't see myself being able to make time to attend college classes at the local CC.

    What do you think of the BSN nursing courses?
  12. by   banjorn
    The GE classes I've been taken through the community colleges (in San Diego) have been online courses. I'm also unable to attend the sitdown classes due to work, family, et., so the online option is perfect, and since the RN-BSN classes are online it's no big deal as far as familiarization with online courses. I felt the same way, I wanted to just take the courses offered through UA but I just cannot get over the price difference per unit for the same class! I would probably lose sleep over it :wink2:

    Having said all that, I may end up having to take a required GE through UA, but that's only if/because I can't find the equivalent course locally. To answer your other question about total cost, I remember hearing that it would be about 15K or so when all's told. I think I'm on course to be just under that number.
  13. by   mixyRN
    Quote from shamu91
    hi! i take it you're referring to the non-nursing courses to be taken alone. all of those (ge classes) i'm taking through my local community colleges or i'll try and clep out of a couple as well. as far as chem goes, i do need to retake it, which is a total bummer, but i may take a higher chem course like ochem or something like that. i've heard that having a higher chem course may look good for you when applying for crna but who knows??? the advisors at ju will look at your transcripts and tell you what you need to take and what classes will satisfy the requirement.

    may i ask why ju is making you re-take chem? i have earned credit for chem i and ii but it was 12 years ago. i don't want to have to retake any classes.