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  1. Hello everyone! I was so excited to read through all the messages regarding Distance Learning. I have signed up with Excelsiors and am just now starting to jump into the classes. I have to take Ethics, An upper division English and then the Nursing classes for the BSN. I moved to Kansas from Las Vegas when my husband was transferred. At that time I had just 2 semesters left in my BSN. Unfortunately none of the Universities here would accept / transfer my classes and I would have to start over. So I am going through Excelsiors. My question is....How do you start? What advice do you have? Do you study everything? Should I buy the books that they recommend or is it okay to use what I have? For Ethics they gave me a study guide, do all the courses have a study guide or just the outline booklet?
    Any advice you have would be so greatly appreciated! Thank you.
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  3. by   renerian
    I cannot comment about that program as I got a BS/MS elsewhere. I hope someone responds for you though.

  4. by   oceanlover
    I'm done paying for my workbooks from College Network, and I really need to get started taking the tests (thru excelsior). I've been busy with PALS and ACLS, etc. Someone tell me to open a book.
  5. by   renerian
    Oceanlover open a book! LOL.

  6. by   CCATT
    I am starting the EC RN to BSN prgram. I have about 23 credits in the nursing component remaining to take. I would like insight as to how/what to study for the BSN level exams/courses. Thanks guys.
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