If you have graduated from ISU...

  1. online, or are more than halfway done please post to this message. How is it? If you are employed how does your place of employment feel about you getting your education through this kind of program? What kind of difficulties have you faced getting or transfering a license in your state? Exactly how long did it take you? Is the cost outragous? How difficult is it to find a preceptor to get clinical time? Do you personally know anyone else going through the program?

    Just want to pick your brain. I need to figure something out. The schools in my area have up to 4 year waiting lists and I have said forget that!
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  3. by   jonesLL
    Just enrolled in Indiana State for their LVN to BSN program. I have worked as a LVN 111 at Sutter Hospital for 9 years. 48 hours a pay period. The cost was not bad at approx. $6000. for completion. No waiting lists. I could sure use a study buddy. lindalou
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    I haven't enrolled. I was just wondering if we have any graduates on here from the ISU online program. And if so are any of you working. Right now I'm trying to finish up all of my core classes at local colleges and universities. I will apply to their nursing programs,but if I'm told that it will be 2+ years to get in I'm considering ISU. How is it going for you? Do you live in a different state other than Indiana. How are you arranging your clinicals?