i need help regarding score report for CLEP exam

  1. hi all,

    i took a clep (my one and only) exam back on sep 27. i entered the code so a score report would be sent to excelsior.

    it still has not shown up, so i called clep and they said that my social security number and my date of birth are not on their system. only my name and score for my exam.

    well, they want me to pay to 20 bucks to resend a report, and they want me to fax a copy of my drivers license and SSN to them. i spent ten minutes while taking that test to enter in all that information!!!! and i entered EC's code so they would get the report. i am so peeved right now.
    i don't have 20 dollars to buy my kids a single gift for xmas. clep is supposed to give a free report to whomever you choose as long as you enter their code while you take the exam. i'm not paying 20 bucks because of their mistake. (i don't have 20 dolllars to my name anyway. my cupboards are bare, i have no ornaments for my xmas tree that's my gramma's, i have nothing due to being injured and being treated for radiation therapy for a cancerous mass on my uterus/ovary). so i'm sick as a dog, and i don't have a penny to spare. this test was back in september, so i am really ticked about all this.

    i can't find my old score report that i was given. i know it's here somewhere, but i have no energy to get out of bed and look for it. i'm saving my energy so i can put up my little tree for my kids. (i wish i had some ornaments to hang on it. ) but it's better than nothing. my daughter comes home upset every day from school cause the girls make fun of her walmart clothes. it breaks my heart. anyway, i'm getting off topic.

    if anyone has their old clep score sheets, does it have your SSN and DOB on it????? that's what i need to know.

    i am so upset right now over this whole issue. the CLEP woman on the phone was so nasty and mean. i just want this taken care of.
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  3. by   pjs91n
    You sound really stressed, maybe you should concentrate on your daughter and enjoy her for a while. As far as the clep goes ask to speak to the supervisor or the Dept. Head. Talk calmly and tell them your problem. If you can let this wait until after the holidays, take care of yourself. In the end things will work out. I (we) are here for support if needed.