I am so excited......

  1. I called excelsior yesterday and was told that there is no expiration on gen. ed. classes. I also found out tha Statistics is no longer a required core. Yeah!! So, (unofficially) I guess the only thing that I will have to take is Lifespan and the nursing courses if I decide to do this.

    BTW, would I be better off to take the lifespan test through Excelsior or to try to clep out of it? Any suggestions???

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  3. by   Spazzy Nurse
    Yaaaaaaaay Lesley! You will have half of the load that many people have to do!

    Funny you should bring up Lifespan..... I just took it 2 days ago. I took the EC exam, and it was 160 questions and $120. I borrowed a developmental psych. book from a friend (most dev. psych. books will have the info. that you need). I thought it was pretty easy, and have heard the same thing from other people who have taken it. I probably would've taken the CLEP had I had more time to kill, but it usually takes a few weeks for EC to get the results and then process them. (This was my last exam so I wanted to go right through EC to speed things up a bit.) CLEPs are $50 plus a small fee to where you take it (it was $15 where I took a CLEP) and the exams are shorter (100 questions?) than EC's. Plus, rumor has it, they're pretty simple.

    SO. To sum it all up, since you have plenty of time, you might consider taking the CLEP. It's no harder (probably easier) than EC's, plus it's shorter and cheaper. You could also look into Dantes exams. They're very similar to the CLEPs from what I hear, and EC now accepts them for Lifespan. (It's either Dantes or CLEP or both that the exam is actually Human Growth and Development, but it counts for Lifespan.) Here is a link for Dantes: http://www.getcollegecredit.com/

    Good luck, and yay again for the great news!!!!!!! :hatparty:
  4. by   mona b RN
    So the Human Growth and Development Clep can be used as a substitute for Lifespan Develoment? I have HGD but for some reason I thought EC did not take it. Maybe I have outdated info?

    mona b
  5. by   Spazzy Nurse
    I had HGD also, but it didn't transfer because it was an actual part of my LPN program. Plus a lot of HGD courses don't cover the entire lifespan, and that's what EC wants it to cover in order for it to transfer. You can always ask them why it didn't transfer, and they can tell you. Or maybe they missed it--- doubtful, but wouldn't hurt to bring it up to them.
  6. by   mona b RN
    Hi Spazzy Nurse,

    I have not actually asked EC if it would transfer. But from your post above it sounds like Lifespan and HGD are interchangeable. I was just curious. I'll try to find out if one or both are acceptable for EC. The clep, like you mentioned, is much cheaper than Ec's Lifespan. I'll let you know what I find out for anybody that wants to know.

    mona b
  7. by   Spazzy Nurse
    I needed Lifespan, and they told me I had 3 options..... the EC exam, the CLEP, or Dantes. They accept all 3.