How do you do clinical with Excelsior

  1. How do you do your clinical portion with Excelsior? Also I read on this BB where someone stated that you already have to be in the healthcare field for them to consider you. Does that include already being a nursing student in a traditional program?
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  3. by   szccdw
    I went to their website and found out that I would more than likely not be able to do their program. They want you to already be in some area of the medical field or have completed at least 50% of your ADN program and i am only in my second semester of my ADN program. I guess i will have to go with Deaconess. Oh well!!
  4. by   TNcanNURSE
    Exceslior college students do not go through traditional clinicals. That is probably part of the reason they don't accept anyone without a specified type of medical background. Students take the clinical exam near the end of their program to demonstrate their skills. They don't "teach" you anything at the clinical is a test.