Hi everyone, quick question!

  1. Hi everyone,

    I live in a small town in Fl. and the community college here doesn't offer many online courses. I'm trying to find a college that has a bigger variety and the out of state tuition is not outrageous. They also have to except financial aid. Also, the schools that you list if you've had to transfer did you have any problems doing so? I really appreciate everyone that answers. This site is so awesome. I feel so at ease asking all my stupid questions. Thanks again.

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  3. by   alabama
    Edukan (Edukan.org) does not charge out of state tuition. Im planning on taking A&P in Januaray online. Im not sure what classes you are looking to take but there is still time to apply and register for Spring. Good Luck!
  4. by   luv4nursing
    What part of FL are you in? If there are any larger surrounding cities, you could take online classes there since you normally only have to physically go on campus two or three times in my experience. Are you looking for general eds or nursing courses?
  5. by   chubbie_love

    We just found out on Friday that we have orders to Pope Air Force Base, N.C. So, I will go to the community college there. They have a bigger variety of online courses. I just wanted to stop by and say Thanks to everyone that replied.