Hi everyone - questions on which books to read

  1. Hi... I am new here, and have gone back a bunch of pages reading as much as I can. I plan on going directly through EC... I also read a good idea about taking as many tests as possible before I actually enroll. I am planning on buying my books off of ebay. They have them all rue, college network, ec, and chancellors... also - how far back can I go and still have good info (2003??) Do all the publishing companies cover the same info... or is it best to stick with EC material...??

    Thanks, and good luck to you all!
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  3. by   magnoliasouth
    I've been watching this thread (and waiting for quite awhile) to see if anyone would answer this question. It's too bad that they haven't though.

    I myself have no business saying anything, since I too am completely new to it, however I've read posts upon posts (both here and in the recommended study groups at yahoo) and the variety of answers on texts is quite surprising. I guess in the end it's up to you.

    Most advise to use the recommended EC books, if possible. Also to download the study guides titled Examination Content Guide(s) available for free at the EC site. For the guides, you have to first register for a free online account in order to download them, but they are located here and in two places. The first one is under the heading called, Credit Sources, and I've no idea why they've chosen that as a heading name. It seems odd given what they are for. The next set is located under Excelsior College Examinations, which makes much more sense to me for a heading name.

    The guides are helpful because not only does it have practice questions, but it outlines the exam content for you so you can see what you need to know. The practice questions are a bonus because you can get an idea of the kinds of questions they will ask and how they will ask the questions. Best answer vs. one correct answer, fill in the blank and so forth.

    As far as going back with older text editions, that's probably a tough question to answer. From what I gather it differs for each exam. Overall though the average answer tends to be if it's less than 2-3 years old it probably is okay.

    I don't know if this is helpful or not, but I've made a spreadsheet with costs for school which is based on new books. Though the costs might not interest you, the list of ISBN numbers might, for easier searching that is. Anyway, if you want to take a peek, it's located here. Just ignore the disclaimer. :icon_roll It was intended for those who just happen to find it.
  4. by   tgb3rn
    Everyone will have a different opinion on this one and it all depends on you. Your previous experience, skill level, previous schooling, and learning ability/strengths will all play into it.
    My own experience was that the TCN study guides were all that was needed and they were used ones from over 5 years ago. I pick things up very quickly from just reading them, I have been an LPN-C(IV certified) for just over 2 years now. The LPN program I was in was VERY good. I work on a med-surg floor at a small rural hospital so I use all my skills all the time.
    If I were a paramedic, or had been an LPN for a long time in LTC only, I would have needed more than just the TCN study guides, IMHO.
    Good luck to you,