Health Assessment

  1. Does anyone teach a health assesment course online for RN/BSN students and if so what kind of assignments are you having then do
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  3. by   Tweety
    I didn't teach it but took the course online.

    In our class we had to do an assessment a week on someone on a body system. For instance one week it was skin, the next it was chest, etc. for about six weeks until all systems were covered. It was very tedious. We also had to do a complete head to toe on someone, witnessed by an MNP, NP or MD. (This was a serious assessment with otoscopes, relfex checks, cranial nerves, chest percussion, the whole nine yards). Finally we had to spend 8 horus with an MD or a NP doing assessments.

    NLN approved RN to BSN courses must have this assessment class.

    Good luck.