Has anyone here completed the BSN program at Excelsior?

  1. I have my ADn from Excelsior and just enrolled for the BSn.

    The general education requirement is straight forward and I'm working on that now.

    When I get to the nursing part - wow. It looks like a lot of CPNE-like hassle:

    Community Health Nursing
    Management & Leadership in Nursing Exam
    Research in Nursing Exam
    Professional Socialization Performance Requirement
    Teaching Across Cultures Performance Requirement
    Health Assessment and Promotion Exam
    Baccalaureate Capstone Course

    Looking for "I've done that, it was like this" information.
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  3. by   EricJRN
    I'm working on it at the moment. Have knocked out Community Health, Mgmt and Leadership, and most of the general education. Passed the CEN exam and just took CHPN today, so hopefully I will have 6 hrs elective credit soon. Good luck to you! Send me a PM if I can answer any specific questions.