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This is to anyone that can help!! I am really undecided, I turned in my application to Excelsior to start the ADN program, but having 2nd thoughts. I worked in Surgery for almost 10 years as a... Read More

  1. by   lmr
    Thanks alot for your honesty! I have to tell you that I have gone back and forth with this for months and I really believe that there is no way that anyone could pass that clep without any experience. I also went onto Excelsior's site and found the info. that states that in September Surgical Tech's will no longer be accepted. I appreciate all the info that everyone has given me and it has helped me to decide that I think that this route for nursing is not the way to go.

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    I guess the question is would you want a nurse who never performed basic nursing skills to be your nurse??? I think Excelsior is great BUT I think only those with extensive clinical nursing experience should be allowed in the program. The CPNE is designed to apply what you already know and experience gained on the job or through traditional nursing school. I realize that just out of nursing school I had limited skills but I did have basic skills like giving injections, the nursing process, and knowledge base has grown with work experience. Just my opinion but I think you may want to try another route since you have limited nursing skills...It will be hard for you to work as an RN if you don't have a little more nursing background. Book knowledge can't replace technical skills--and vice versa for that matter...they combine together to enhance the occupation as a whole.