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  1. Just a quick note to anyone whom this applies.
    I am so happy to confirm that I have been accepted to an online Graduate program! And it was a surprise to say the lealst... They have very high standards and I guess I met them. I feel fantastic. I have wanted this for a very long time (BSN-MSN.) I am specifically not mentioning their name because if I fail out (I have very little self confidence in starting this program... I am thinking positive and praying that my good intentions and positivity will help me along... *The Secret)
    Okay, now to ask my question... I need to take a Graduate Level Statistics course this fall. Now, how it does not qualify for Fin/Aid is beyond me. So I am searching for a less expensive class ($2000. is their price.)
    I am open to Graduate Level Statistics ONLINE where the cost is less than $2000. I am expecting twins in mid December (what timing!) So cost is a factor-also, a school/course that is doable for someone who has taken underundergrad stats and, well, that person HATED this class and thinks he only recieved a 1.5 because the teacher felt bad for him (yes, that would be me.
    I am just kidding, I am open to any school any state just as long as it is less than the $2000 and is available this fall - I want to thank everyone who helps me out in advance... I really appreciate the feedback!
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    Where are you at now? Are you an NP?