Graceland University???

  1. Anyone out there currently going through Graceland University??

    I'm having a terrible time motivating myself...I've been going through this program for about 5 years ( took a year break after my Mom suddenly died of a heart attack). I'm very close to completion, yet struggle to get moving!

    Guess I just need to chat with someone else out there!
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  3. by   TELEpathicRN
    I've looked into that program, but looked expensive...tell me more about this program! Thanks
  4. by   magRN
    Well I do like the program, and am enrolled in the RN/BSN they have a RN to Master's program.

    It is expensive...but I have a very good reinbursement program at work. I was a Diploma grad and Graceland gave me the best transfer for what I'd's even better if your from a two year program.

    Now you have to have 1-one week time on campus. The clincals you contract and must do two. I have found the classes for the most part interesting, although I'm in a slump right now.

    They do have a great web site...just search Graceland College and go into the outreach program for information.
  5. by   aspringRN
    Hi everyone, I just started working on my prerequisites to get into RN program and I want to ask
    If anyone of you here went and graduated from NAU? What is the employment opportunities for those took their
    ASN there? What's NAU's reputation?
    I'm considering to go to PV but it's hard to get in to their program.
  6. by   xadnder
    I went to NAU and I have been to traditional schools. Let me give you advice that you should never forget: Never go to a private, for-profit school. First off, they have a bad reputation among professionals, especially HR departments, and definitely with University officials. Secondly, which may affect your education more, a for-profit school like NAU or UoP cares more for its earning statement than it does the success of its students. I chose NAU because I thought it was the only way I could get my program done in the time I wanted, but I paid way too much money and went through way too much grief to get it done.

    Choose a school that fosters its students and has a focus on quality education, not on earnings statements. To find this, you will need to go to a non-profit school, be it private or public, but you'll save a lot of money by going public. Also, most nurses in the hospital will tell you: an RN is an RN. In other words, community college, like PV, will get you the same license as a BSN prepared nurse, and usually, the same pay. Some careers require a BSN, but for most hospitals in the KC area, an ADN-prepared RN is just as good as anything.

    There are many quality schools in the KC metro to look at, both public and private. Graceland has a wonderful program, but is expensive. UMKC, KU, MWSU, and UCM are all public BSN schools close to the metro. Alternatively, the ADN schools are PV, KCKCC, JCCC. Several other quality private schools are available.

    Be sure to put in the research (I know it's boring) before choosing your school. Nursing school is very very hard, even at the best of schools. Don't make it harder by choosing one that has a reputation for not caring for its students or is ridiculously expensive.