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Got my excelsior packet. Sounds really good. Where do I find the book list for prereq courses such as Microbiology and A&P. Apparently have to be enrolled to get study guides.... Read More

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    At Excelsior, do they require a clinical component for the RN-BSN program? Or is it just theory and management issues?
    Clinical Performance in Nursing Examination (CPNE)


    Portfolio Assessment: The BSN student may choose to develop a portfolio in lieu of the CPNE. The portfolio should chronicle your academic, professional, and clinical experiences. The portfolio requires EXCELLENT written communication that demonstrates prior clinical and professional exerience.

    THESE are REQUIRED for the BSN student:

    HAPE: Health Assessment Performance Exam
    TPE: Teaching Perfomance Exam
    PRPE: Professional Role Performance Exam
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    Hot damn, TNcanNURSE---- is there anything you don't know? You are a freakin' WIZZZZZZ. Betcha there will be a ton of people building shrines of you by the time you finish the program.

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    Thanks for the information about clinical tests at Excelsior .

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    As the person mentioned before, you can download the study guides in pdf format from the Excelsior website. A list of books and recommended reading is in the study guide. Also if you go to their online bookstore you can look up the books as well. What I do is shop around using the book number I go to like and
    Hope this helps.
    Ed, do you know if any of these excelsior study guides are on audiotape, especially the PRPE which I'll be taking soon?