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  1. I'm looking for any recent experiences on Fort Hays RN-BSN program. I'm hoping to hear from recent graduates, or imbedded students. I'm considering applying, the cost is so much less. Is it too good to be true? Thanks.
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  3. by   Surg-OncRN
    So far I have taken five classes at Fort Hays. Honestly, I am very happy with the quality of education. Also, they are very helpful if you do have an issue. I think they have been doing online education for a long time. Just a side note, this program is the real deal and will make you work for your BSN. No quick degrees here. FHSU is definitely one of the best values for online RN to BSN education on the web in my opinion
  4. by   Jjohn235
    I am currently taking classes toward my BSN. I hope to get into the program spring 2017 and graduate Dec. 2017. It's cheap, as everyone knows, and a great education. I agree that it is not a quick route towards a BSN. I started taking classes till time as soon as I graduated with my ADN, in the fall of 2014 and here I am two year later. So total it will be 3.5 years for me going full time, taking 4-5 classes a semester. Some classes are harder than others, some require proctors or video proctoring. I'll just be happy when it's finally over. I am a bit jealous of people who finish their bsn in 3 semesters, but I specifically avoided those because I didn't want to take any short cuts when it comes to my education.