Excelsior's NSG concepts 1

  1. I am getting ready to take the nsg. concepts 1 exam has anyone taken it yet? can you tell me what to expect
    thanks beth
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  3. by   bellcollector
    I have taken it and honestly if you just know the stuff on the excelsior content guide ie. ADPIE and theraputic communication you will do just fine. The content guide really is followed. Good luck
  4. by   Jo Dirt
    It is an easy test. I took with with minimal studying and made a B. An experienced LPN should be able to pass. Don't let it fool you, the tests definitely get harder and more specialized.
  5. by   chellelpn
    I have taken this test. It's not bad. Do you have a break down of the content of the test? I am enrolled in excelsior and taking NC Foundations Feb. 12. If anyone has anyadvice for the CPNE let me know. Good luck on your test.