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  1. Ok so I have my Military medic training and keep playing with the idea of getting my RN through Excelsior. I mean that program would work great for me and the biggest part of my process will be waiting for the CPNE. However, I am originally from California though currently I claim my home as Washington state. I love it here and don't exactly plan on moving to California, it's a nice place to visit but it's too crowded for living. My parents both live in california and love it though so there is always the whole need to come back and take care of them so I worry about getting my RN through excelsior. Then I took a look at the requirements for challenging things. I found that if I had to come back I could work at a VA hospital the pay isn't as much as an RN but it still pays and as soon as I have fifty one months of experience I can challenge the LVN for the state and then do a quick little LVN to RN program assuming I take my Anatomy, Physiology, and Microbiology at a community college in Washington instead of through Excelsior. OR in some cases I would need to retake my Anatomy, Physiology, and Microbiology because of time limits. Which is still not a big deal. So I am going to go for it and since my parents will always live in California I will worry about that license if I ever decide to move back and challenge the LVN ect. I hope that helps someone else to decide what they want to do. Some people just don't have the time and money to do other programs so excelsior is a great option for them. A temporary pay cut could be worth the getting it done now that comes with Excelsior!!

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    Good luck, Azari! Sounds like you've put some thought into this decision.