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  1. Hi, I have yet another question. Thanks for everyone who replyed to my last question. Did anybody have to take all or most of the gen. ed. classes and for the ppl who took the classes w/ excelsior did you find it hard at all or was taking it w/ a local cc easier. I know I am able to go on ebay and get some study guides but each test has a different price and I would not want to pay all that money more than one time. And I need most of my gen. ed. classes.
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  3. by   Leo2
    I took all my gen.ed. through EC and didn't have any problems passing.
  4. by   trustar
    thank you so much is it ok to i.m. you if i have anymore questions? But thanks for the info.
  5. by   QTMedic4life
    I am in the process of getting my AAS in Acounting so most of my general ed is done through the college here. I am taking info literacy, and a&P as well as microbiology with them as i find that is the quickest, most efficient way. I will be taking a full microbio as well as a & p class later when i graduate for my RN to BSN program, but i think it will help, be more like a refresher and won't be as hard that way. IMHO i think ece is great, but for the gen ed use a community college because some of the state colleges i found won't except the ece for credit more or less, they just grant me the rn credit because i will be licensed. that is all from me though.