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  1. So, when I did my ADN through excelsior I did all my gen eds at a community college and saved a ton. I am going to enroll in the BSN program as soon as a get the forms from the school( waiting for the mail to come ). So I have decided to use some of the exams for the gen eds this time around. You cant beat $205 plus books. Is there anyone out there that did thier history exams?, I love history. I think I only need 1 credit of science so I might take the earth science exam, can anyone weigh in on that?. I was happy when they said I could take a different science besides chem, bio, and so on. Basically I am looking for some advice on what to take. I don't know if they will take my other english credit b/c its not really writting intensive( more of a literture ), so I'll take a comm. college course for that. Thanks everyone (God I love this monkey)

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