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I'm thinking of entering Excelsior's LPN to RN program. Does anyone here know if "The College Network" is the official representative of Excelsior, or should I contact the college directly?... Read More

  1. by   willtm
    I did not use college network or any other study guides. I used text books, the yahoo groups (rnstudygroup) and the ATI books (ati content mastery series)--I had some and then purchased the others on ebay for $15. The ati books are great-they cover what an RN needs to know on each subject. You still need to read from a text for understanding of the material, but the ati books are a great study resource. I also had Saunder's but found it tedious to study from, the CD was great though.

    I did the EC workshop, it really wasn't worth the money, although it was a great trip to Memphis I got a cancellation date for the CPNE in Albany, NY for July instead of waiting until late September or early October to test. I was working PRN as an LPN and am now working as a full time RN on the same unit for quite a bit more money I saw a post about the increase in pay and how long it will take to earn what you spent--for me it will take a whopping 6 months for me to earn back (just from the pay raise) what I spent. Financially it was very worth while for me.

    I know several others who have graduated from EC around the same time here in GA and have not had any trouble getting a job or moving up their current job. Even though Ga doesn't accept EC to sit for boards it is a great way to go and easily accepted here, atleast for those who are LPNs. I've not met anyone who was an MA, RT or EMT who was here in Georgia that has completed the program to know how it worked out for them.

    If you have specific questions I'll be happy to answer them if I can.

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    DFid you use College Network?
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    Thanks again...could you tell me what is ATI and how do I get to rnstudy groups at yahoo?
  3. by   willtm
    The yahoo group adress is:


    This group has subgroups for each of the NC and gened tests. Each group has files that are helpful for the specific test. There are also other yahoo groups that you can do a search for if you want to check them out.

    Ati provides testing and review books for nursing schools and to the general public. They are pricy, but you can get the books on ebay for much less.


    Ebay item # 6984875297

    This ebay auction of for a set of 4, I think there are 8 total. Check ebay and you will find someone selling just the books. There are also dvds available, I haven't seen them so I don't know how helpful they might be, but they are pricey even on ebay.

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    Thanks again...could you tell me what is ATI and how do I get to rnstudy groups at yahoo?
  4. by   nicholrwalker
    Thanks again!!!
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    anyone selling chancellors micro ap and nc1-2? need asap
    email me at ASHAYDOG@aol.com if so