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I'm currently in LPN school and have been pounded with brochures, and e-mails all about this LPN to ASN program through Excelsior. I'm just wondering if anyone out there has been through one of... Read More

  1. by   cfna033
    Is there anyone in this group doing Excelsior fro Ft. Lauderale, Florida? I am about to start the program and very nervous..
  2. by   elena121
    Quote from budnut
    "Hi everyone, That's right, I failed this weekend in Atlanta. Talk about pathetic. I'm sure this post wont stay on this site very long, but I would definetely "NOT" adivce this program to anyone. I hope atleast one person will read this.
    I thought I contaminated my syrynge a couple times and so I disposed of it in the sharps container. When I did so about the last time, she rolled her eyes and slumped back into her chair. I couldn't get the syrynge to flush. I'm not the only one that had this problem. It would turn but not advance with a little push. The syrynges would stick, even after I had plunged it a couple times. I started pushing and doing the turning method, in which I had a 1/2 ml to give. After about 30 seconds I asked the CE if she thought any of my med had gone in. She said, I'm not sure, or something to that effect and was going to ask the CA about that. We had to wait about five minutes for the CA to get over to our station and they failed me because my time was up. My time wouldn't have been up if the CE wouldn't have asked for the CA. I DID NOT Fail any critical elements. I just had not pushed any med in and I would've started pushing if she woud've said, no, none is going in. I tried to explain the situation to the CA and she said that I shouldn't argue with her right there. She said I failed because I hadn't pushed any of the med in in that minute. As far as I am aware, you have more than a minute to infuse, you just can't be over. She said well your time expired, but again, it wouldn't have if she woudn't have taken so long to get over to us and was it my fault that the CE didn't know how to answer my question and that the CA was busy???? I don't think so.
    Anyways, I was freaked out and went on to my sub Q injection. My hands were shaking like crazy. The fluid in the bottle was moving all around. I forgot to put gloves on. Yes, I know I shoud've gloved, but I was so upset about failing unfairly I wasn't even thinking about that station. You hear that they aren't out to fail you, but you know what, you would think that if they knew you were upset, they would give you a few minutes to re group yourself. Ya right.
    Next day, I about failed my PCS because I had Pain Management and I reassed my pain level, but put it under the vital sign section and not under the pain management station. It was documented for pete's sake. She thought she was doing me a grand ole favor by passing me. How sweet!!
    I redone my IVP and I removed my gloves after palpating the sight. Hmmmmmm...... In one of my telephone conferences, the lady told me that if anything, you would remove your gloves so you don't contaminate supplies.
    The point that sent me around the bend is an example given in EC's text on the test: you can FAIL a patient care situation (and the whole weekend) for not including 1 ml of oral Nystatin in their Intake record. I'm not talking about forgetting to put it in the Med. section. I'm talking about including it with the 750ml of breakfast drinks.

    well, it is not so unfair..
    If students don't use gloves..forget the basic I&O and cannot push med..or forget to wash their hands and provide privacy, or don't know what classifies as vital sign...i guess they have to be failed..
    Even a CNA won't forget to do all these..( except pushing meds)..

    next time the experience from the failing will help..

    I know about stress ..but still ..