English Composition Test

  1. How is the English Comp. test for Excelsior College? I've started on reading TCN book for it & I know its an Essay exam but how is it done?Do you decide what to write on or do they tell you what to write?How long does it take to get results?Is it really hard?
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  3. by   medicin79
    It is a handwritten test. They give you a subject and a style to write. Took about four weeks to get results. The hardest part is the time factor; three essays in three hours. Best advise is to spill your thoughts onto the paper; don't worry about punctuation.
  4. by   meltom
    I'm not good with writing.How long do the essays have to be?Thanks for your responses & help.
  5. by   adnerbe1
    I took the ECE for English comp. It was a computerized test. 3 papers in 3 hours. I will be honest with you...it is tough. I would spend a lot of time writing papers. Once you pay for your English Comp test, you will have access to a writing program through Excelsior. It is called MY ACCESS. It is a great writing program and the reason I passed! Take your time on this one...my girlfriend failed twice!!
  6. by   meltom
    Do you have to pay for this practice MY ACCESS your talking about?If so what does it cost? I know I'll need it as writing is my weak point & the reason I decided to get this behind me.
  7. by   medicin79
    Just FYI; the excelsior website is an excellent resource for this sort of information https://www.excelsior.edu/
  8. by   adnerbe1
    When you pay for your Excelsior Eng Comp class, MY ACCESS is included for no additional cost =). You have 9 months from the time you register and pay for the class, to use the writing program and take the test. And the other reply is right...Excelsior web site is a great resource!
    P.S. I also bought the suggested books..I do believe it is St. Martin's guide to Writing and another one. Always shop on EBay for your books and save tons of $.
    Good Luck,
  9. by   meltom
    :spin: Where exactly on the site do you go to sign up for the test?I've got the money to sign up but don't want to sign up for the wrong thing.Thank You, Mel :smiletea2:
  10. by   adnerbe1
    English Comp was the toughest exam I took. And my girlfriend flunked 2 times so do not take it until you are ready. I highly recommend MYAcess which is a writing program you will automatically be able to use once you sign up to take the test through Excelsior. I also bought all the books they had listed in the content guide which were St. Martens guide to Writing, A writers reference by Diana Hacker and the English for Composition book.
    As far as Excelsior, they do accept English Comp as a 6 credit class. Check do be double sure as my girlfriend just passed her CPNE and is working on her NCLEX and only took English Comp to fulfill the requirement.
    Good Luck,
    P.S. Keep in touch =)
  11. by   meltom
    Oh ya I've been studying for 2 months.Where on excellsiors website do I sign up for the test?