Edukan A&PI Spring 2007

  1. Anyone planning to take A&P I from Edukan in the spring of 2007. Maybe we can start a support group. Im excited but nervous as heck. Have been out of school for almost 20 years and Im not sure if I have what it takes anymore!!!!!!!!! I guess I will find out.
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  3. by   mumpet5

    How much is it to to the A and P thru Edukan? Do you have to enroll? Just wondering, as I was considering taking that course. Are you an LPN? Eileen
  4. by   alabama
    Check out the website. Its

    I think it is about 100 a credit hour (the class is 4 hours) and there is a textbook and some software you have to purchase.

    I am not an LPN. I have worked in a corporate environment for almost 20 years and want to make a big change in my life!!!!!!!!!

    Im sorry I do not have more information, Im just figuring this out myself. Please keep me posted!
  5. by   bsrn0523
    Hi Alabama! I am registered to take the Edukan A&P 1 course this Spring, as well as A&P2. Message me if you want to chat!

  6. by   charmedpn
    I am going to take it as well. When does your session start. I am doing the January 18th i think.
  7. by   bsrn0523
    Yup, A&P 1 starts January 18th. Great that a few of us are in the same class!
  8. by   alabama
    Yes, thats it. Session 1. Im nervous and excited!!!!!!!!!
  9. by   charmedpn
    I am nervous and excited as well. Have you gotten the book for it yet? We need to get a study group together. :uhoh21: enguin:
  10. by   alabama
    I have not ordered to book but I plan on doing so well in advance. Have you?
  11. by   bsrn0523
    I plan on ordering the book right after Christmas. I haven't looked at the syllabus in depth yet, I wonder how difficult the weekly assignments and tests will be.

  12. by   alabama
    Im wondering the same thing. I work full time which is the reason I chose to take the class online. Im sure I will have no spare time!!!! What is everyone else's reason for choosing the online option?
  13. by   charmedpn
    I will order my book sometime in december. can you download the syllabus?
  14. by   alabama
    Yes, I was able to find the syllabus on the website under the couse description link.