Distance LPN program

  1. I just found this distance LPN program. However, it is available to students only in certain states such as South Dakota, Montana, etc. I thought it might be of some interest to someone here.
    Good luck!
    Lake Area Technical Institute - Watertown, SD
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  3. by   bzmom
    I actually graduated from Lake Area Tech in 1995 with my LPN degree. I feel that my education from them was exceptional! I have not dealt with them on a distance education basis, but if they developed it as well as their traditional program, I don't see why it should be substandard.

    Their regular program was done on the basis of "packets". You were given a packet or unit and one hour of classroom instruction for that unit. The test was scheduled for a specific date and if you wanted to take it then, you showed up at the appointed time. If you did not want to come in on that date, then you could schedule (with the library on campus) to take the test at a diffrent time or date just so long as you completed it prior to the scheduled time. So if you wanted to not come in for class (I lived 45 miles away), you could take the test early and have a day off! I really appreciated the flexability.

    I am not sure how they are planning to handle clinicals, that part of my program was more traditionally based.