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I have several questions about these distance learning programs. I want to know if anyone has had any negative experiences with getting your RN degree this way. How the clinical is , what I might... Read More

  1. by   BBFRN
    Hi- you can do a payment plan for the CPNE as well. But you don't start on that until you're eligible for it- after you finish all the Nursing Concepts courses, and are within 9 credit hrs of finishing your general eds. When you become eligible for the CPNE, you'll get a packet in the mail with a payment plan application. It has to paid in full 2 weeks before your CPNE date though, so get it started as soon as you get the application for it. My CPNE schduled date was about 3 months from the time I became eligible to take it- and that's a fairly short wait if you're not on a cancellation list for back up.