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  1. Hi Everybody,

    I'm new to this forum...I've been lurking for a few days now and since I have found information I decided to share it with the others who are in the same position as I. I'm currently a CNA and I'm wanting to get my LVN and then bridge to RN...there is my background :spin:

    For some reason California seems to have it hard when it comes to online distance/online education options. I've located Bakersfield Community College in Bakersfield California as an option for people who are currently LVN's and want to get their ADN...This is great for California, but I'm unsure how other states would view this option...

    I was looking at Chamberlain University and I'm in one of the lucky states that DOES NOT accept Chamberlain University education. Kaplan is going to be launching their program in the lucky states of Iowa and Florida according to a person I spoke to over the phone. I was also told by him that there is a long list of people who are eager to start their nursing education in other states...

    I hope this information helps....and if anybody hears of any distance/online education options for people in California please let me know...
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Unless you already have your LVN, you are not going to find one program that is approved for on-line for the RN in the state of California. They not approved any.