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  1. I was thankfully given a loan from my job to pay for the CPNE. So now I'll have money, with all of the overtime I'm working, to pay for a workshop. Since Lynn is going to be in Racine, which is closest to me, in July, I was going to pay my deposit on Friday. Hopefully there will still be space available. I've been reading all of the wonderful comments on this website and Lynn's website about how her workshop helped lots of students pass the CPNE. I'm really hoping that by attending her workshop, I will be just as successful as the other lucky students who have passed the dreaded CPNE! I know that I shouldn't let my nerves get in the way, but I really need to pass this clinical exam the first time and want a workshop that will make me 100% confident in all of the critical elements and documentation/careplanning. Well enough of my babbling, I just wanted some feedback on Lynn's workshop and/or videos.
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  3. by   NC Girl BSN
    Go to the EC workshop. I have heard great things about it. Nothing like hearing it from the horses mouth and not second hand.