CPNE Skills Bag??? Clinical Skills???

  1. I saw an old post, where someone said that there is a CPNE skills bag available from EC, can someone direct me to it?

    Also, does any know of any clinicals skills practice kit?
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  3. by   pedinurse05
    If you are just starting the EC ADN program don't even begin worrying about the CPNE....focus on the NC exams. I say this because things change for the CPNE and you want the most current of everything. The exams will keep one pretty busy. There are many workshops out there. I went to the one put on by EC and found it informative. You can't attend until you are CPNE ready--confirmed by EC. Other workshops, like chancellors, may let you attend early but really I think they will tell you to wait until you have completed the exams and are familiar with the CPNE content. Best advice for this program.... take it one step at a time and don't jump ahead too far. The program is very doable and the clinical isn't that bad.
  4. by   Mudwoman
    First thing you need to do is get confirmation from Excelsior what general education classes you need and get those done. You can't take the CPNE until you have 21 of the 30 general education credits done. You also have to have all 7 of the Nursing Concepts exams done to apply for the CPNE. Then you will have 4-9 months to study for the CPNE once you apply. You are so putting the cart before the horse.